Sport and Business – Matching Mindsets

As someone who is passionate about gender equality, I was really looking forward to the ‘This Girl Can’ event at Derby’s 3aaa County Cricket Ground.

Sally Gunnell OBE was the keynote speaker for this event and she shared with us that, she believes, that on the day she won her Olympic Gold Medal it was through “80% mind-set and 20% ability”.

She worked hard in her training and on her diet and physical fitness, but then recognised that she was missing a key element – she needed help with her mind-set.

Working as an empowerment coach, I found this fascinating.  Belief that you can reach that goal that you are aiming for and that you are good enough, no matter what the voice inside your head is telling you makes all the difference.

Many of us may think that sportsmen and women are naturally successful but listening to Sally’s story makes you realise that even top athletes and Olympic Gold Medallists need to have the right mind-set.

This all really resonated with me as I work with ladies through many challenges that they are facing – be it in work, business or their personal lives. I help them recognise their strengths and help them see that they can achieve anything.

Having the right people around you is so important whatever you are trying to achieve and having someone there to support you and help you realise what is holding you back will ultimately help you move forward.

The resonating message that Sally gave out was to work on removing that negative attitude. The negative little voice inside your head that tells you can’t achieve something. I work with many women to help them overcome this and I thank Sally for highlighting the problem that so many women are reluctant to face.

It’s time to quieten that voice in your head. It’s time to reach for that goal and visualise every possibility so that you can win! What’s your ‘gold’ and what is stopping you?