Goal Setting

Goal Setting can help with:

  • Deciding what you want to achieve in you life
  • Separating what’s important from what’s irrelevant
  • Getting motivated
  • Building self-confidence based on successful achievement of goals

For Effective Goal setting use the GROW Model (a coaching tool originally identified by Sir John Whitmore)

G – What is your Goal. What is it you want to achieve and does this form part of a bigger life strategy.

R – What is  the current reality. Where are you now and what progress have you made so far. Do you have the required skills to achieve your goal? Who could help you? What are you doing already that you could build on?

O – What are your options. What have you done before and how did this work? This is where a coach is really useful as they will make sure you consider every option an leave no stone unturned!

W – What next. This is where you decide which options are most suitable and how you will take them forward. What might get in the way?

Things to consider when setting goals

  • Why are you setting the goals?
  • Are they your goals? Or are they something that are expected of you or suggested by someone else? A parent, colleague, manager or even society?
  • Are you goals:  must do, should do, want to or love to?
  • How will your life change if you are successful? How will achieving  your goals impact on other areas of your life?

Don’t just focus on the goal or end result, enjoy the journey and don’t miss important things in your rush to get there.

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